First Aid & Safety

No one wants to think there will be any mishaps, but unfortunately they can occur. the saying comes to mind ‘Be Prepared’. It can save a lot of grief, pain and misery.

Essentials, which can all be easily placed in a plastic container:-

Small general First Aid Kit, to include plaster, bandage, antiseptic etc. Large crepe bandage, for any sprain or joint dislocation.

Pain killers Antihistamine for bites or allergies Insect repellent Burn cream Diarrhea medication mobile cell phones are great & I’m sure most people will take one, but I’d recommend that you do not leave the phone switched on permanently this will preserve battery life should you do need to make an emergency call.

That’s it folks, so go on, get out there, it’s truly a wonderful experience. Escape from the pressures of life. I guarantee you will remember it for many years to come. *s*.

Safety First Steps

So your thinking of trying out camping, yes you could head off into the great unknown, but without a few basic trial camping trips that would be utter madness and dangerous.

Where ever you are in the world, chances are there will be camping sites somewhere near you, excluding the obvious of course. There are many camping sites advertised on the Internet and in local directories.

The traditional format after choosing where to go, is to pull up -pay a fee and you are allocated a camping area. Just a note, if they are very busy you may not have too much choice in where you are allocated.

It is always wise to check the site’s availability well in advance in case you are required to pre book, especially in the peak holiday season.

The basic necessities such as toilet, shower, fresh water will usually be nearby. More often than not there will be heaps of other facilities available, but this will vary greatly. I\’ve even heard of a site that has it’s own cinema! What facilities they have is particularly important for example, if you don’t intend to do a lot of cooking, you’ll need to know if there are cafes or restaurants on site or close by.

Should you be thinking of camping within a reasonable distance to home, it’s a good idea to drive out and check over the site that way you’ll avoid any nasty surprises.

Different sites have different rules especially regarding open fires, pets, children and noise levels, again you will need to check prior the leaving home.


Tents are often available to hire locally or on site, but perhaps you could borrow from a friend. The main factor whether you borrow, hire or buy is to keep in mind the size. Is it totally waterproof with adequate ventilation for the number of occupants?

Always try to allow enough room for each person and their gear.

Ventilation is essential unless you want to wake up in the morning surrounded by serious dampness, so the tent will need to have a waterproof outer layer with an inner liner, together with a ground sheet.

Believe it or not modern tents today are so simple to erect, it’s even possible for one person to manage this. I do however highly recommend a trial run in your back garden, especially if you borrow or buy a tent. There’s no guarantees when you arrive on site as to the weather conditions, wind and rain can play havoc to an experienced camper let alone a novice, so do try to practice putting the tent up.

Tent Living Area

If you are going to use a family tent, there should be a reasonable area just inside the entrance to both store outdoor gear such as boots, coats, rucksacks etc, with enough area should the weather turn bad to all eat & relax in. It’s doubtful you would be able to set up a dining table for six, but hey, this is camping. If tent bound, grab your sleeping bag roll it up into a make shift seat.

Two areas you must allocate.

1 TORCH, be very strict about where the torch lives, make sure it is near the entrance and everyone knows it’s whereabouts, should the call of nature come in the night, or there is an emergency.

2 Designate an area for wet or muddy boots & coats. It’s a good idea to always take shoes off when you enter the tent, this does avoid dirt being carried around the tent.


This is really most important it can make or ruin a holiday if not correct, so well worth getting organized and double check everything.

It’s quite a good idea if possible to allocate different tasks to family members.

With some equipment there are three options, buy, rent or borrow, to keep the costs down, it really depends on your budget and whether or not it’s just a one off trip.


If you intend to light a camp fire you will have to pack firelighters and possibly some charcoal. You can send out volunteers to collect wood and kindling – lots of it, especially if the weather has been very dry.

Before building your fire do remember to check wind direction, the last thing you want is sparks or smoke blowing into your tent, or anyone else’s.

To be honest there are several ways to build a fire, but safety must come first. Always start off with a small fire and build up as needed. I like to use bricks or stones laid out in a circle, this contains the fire and enables you to place a metal mesh over the top once the flames have died down, to cook on. A very useful gadget is the two handled mesh clamp.

Simply place your food between the mesh, close and away you go. Potatoes are great, but the foil is best 3 or 4 layers thick because the heat can even through foil burn your spuds.

Avoid cooking large pieces of meat i.e. chicken quarters to avoid raw meat inside and burnt on the outside. Burgers, sausages, bacon, fish, steaks, chops, kebabs are perfect for cooking on an open fire or BQ served up with a fresh salad and heated bread (wrap in foil & heat for 5 mins.) Wonderful.

When you have finished cooking, you can kick away the stones and enjoy a tranquil evening around the fire – we never did sing camp fire songs, so I apologise there are none included here *s*.

If leaving your fire early always remember to put some earth over to extinguish, NEVER use water.


To me camping isn’t camping unless you can light a camp fire (sorry to say not all camping sites allow this always check1st).

To me camping isn’t camping unless you can light a camp fire (sorry to say not all camping sites allow this always check1st.

Cooking & Eating Utensils

BBQ forks skewers etc.

Handled cooking mesh Kettle Frying Pan Plastic cups & plates Cutlery etc. Bowl Can Opener Scissors Sharp Knife Chopping Boar.

I usually take a couple of cooler boxes and each morning when I make a trip to the local shop I pick up a bag of ice, this divided between a couple of boxes will keep all your food fresh for 24hrs. It is important with fresh produce such as meat, milk etc. to keep them well chilled. Sorry Guy’s you’ll need to bring your own cooler for the Beers *s*.

Gas Barbeque

Instant, easy and great flavour. OK not quite back to nature, but almost. I do suggest you pack a small portable gas BBQ.

They are not expensive to buy, or maybe you could borrow one, but ideal and perfect for cooking breakfast and boiling the kettle on. Cooking methods are basically the same as for an open fire.

Keeping Food Fresh

The simplest solution is to use a mobile fridge, which can plug into the car. However these can be expensive, unless borrowing.


If your a good sleeper and comfortable moving around in the dark then over night lighting is not important. For most especially young children (in a strange environment), some form of lighting will be essential.

When I started camping my children were aged over 10 years and I found the simplest and economical form of lighting were T lights (they burn approx. 6hrs).

These MUST how ever be placed in a VERY SECURE container. Two of these gave enough light to enable someone to get up safely and find the torch by the tents entrance should nature call. However if there are younger or lots of children then a manufactured battery overhead light will be required. On the point of safety I would NEVER use an oil or paraffin burner light.

Sleeping Bag

This unless you already have will be on the ‘to buy’ list. Not available to hire and personally most people wouldn’t lend such an item. These days sleeping bags are not expensive, that is unless you are planning to take your trip in the middle of winter when a more substantial bag will be needed.

Unless you are extremely hardy an inflatable base mattress will be required, kids are normally quite happy without or just with a roll-up rubber mat, but us older beings do benefit from a thicker mattress. Pillows are OK, but a little bulky to pack try just taking a pillow case, this can be used to store extra clothing and be utilized as a pillow at night.

Bad Weather

Don’t get caught out with bad weather -it’s usually forecasted. Be prepared, pre cook earlier to eat later in the tent, or else if you have an overhead canopy outside you can place the BBQ just under at maximum distance from the main tent.

Choose food that will cook quickly, i.e. burgers, this will limit the time the BBQ is lit and avoid unnecessary smells & smoke entering the tent. Don’t look on the downside when you get a touch of bad weather, there’s something quite cosy about being snuggled up when the heavens open outside.

Visit India For A Great Adventure

India is located in the southern part of the Asian Continent. Area-wise India is the 7th largest country in the world, and is a democratic country with the second largest population.

The Indian economy is the world’s fourth largest in terms of buying power. The economy is ranked 12th at exchange rates in the market. The Indian economy has rapidly progressed in the last 10 years.

The country boasts of an extensive culture (the major reason behind the vast India travel expedition) as the country has had major increase in the culture over the pages of history owing to the vast number of invaders and immigrants. The invaders and immigrants bought their own culture at the time of inhabiting the country and influenced the native culture greatly. The country of India is the Traveler’s paradise. India travel is an experience which is bound to be extremely rich in memorable moments. The great heritage of the nation is one of the major attractions. The various monuments and the architecture of the country are a major attraction as the visitor is bound to be spell bound. The historical monuments like the Qutub Minar and the Taj Mahal are just two examples of the beauty of the country.

The very fact that Taj Mahal is amongst the Seven Wonders of the World alongside various other fabulous structures is a clear indicator of the architectural masterpieces that the country of India possesses.

The Indian sub-continent provides various opportunities to the adventure travel loving people. The people who embark upon adventure tours to the Indian mainland are assured to have the time of their lives. The country has various mountain ranges, high cliffs, rivers and seas for all sorts of adventure sports like rock climbing, paragliding and white-water rafting.

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An all India Tour is probably the best deal for the normal person as it enables the traveler to get to know the Indian culture and India Travel makes it possible.

One Place With Different Culture, Language And Ethics

India is the land of cultural diversity. It is the biggest pluralist society in the world. The cultural and linguistic variation among the 29 states in India is what makes India different from the other countries. Irrespective of the castes and language variations, Indians remain united. Thanks to the cultural and traditional values that the Indians preserve in their motherland.

India is home to internationally famous places. The Taj Mahal remains as the symbol of the tourism in India. It also pronounces the architectural excellence of the Mogul rulers in India. India Tours will not be complete without an Adventure Tours package in it. The irresistible Himalayan Peaks and the Kanchenjunga are calling the attention of the travelers with backpacks. Utilise your adventure holidays to the fullest with a Jungle safari, Lake Trek, Fishing, Skiing, and Paragliding, etc. The wildlife in India offers a large resource of research materials for the botanists and the zoologists with the rarest species of flora and fauna.

The architectural monuments hail the saga of the great emperors who ruled India in different dynasties.

If you are planning an India Tour, it is time for you to arrange the travel plans. The India Tour service is offered under different categories such as Adventure Tours, Wildlife Tour, Religious Tour, etc. The growth of tourism helped many related businesses to flourish in India. Among them include the Hotel and Restaurant services, Resorts, Transport & other infrastructure facilities, and Travel & Tourism services. The travel agencies function as professional guides to provide the correct information and services to the tourists. They are well-organized and competitive. The hotels in India face a tough competition each other. Therefore they try to satisfy the tourists with outstanding services. The hotels in India enounce the glory of the Indian culture- the hospitality. Before you take your dairy to make your travel plans, make up your mind. Why not go for a professional guide who will take care of your entire holiday needs? There are many tour operators in India with large networks across the country. They will make you feel-at-home with their dedicated service.

One Of The Most Rewarding Experiences Of Your Life

“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind” – Seneca The urge to travel and wander from place to place is innate in human nature. Since the pre historic days, people traveled from one place to the other, for search of better habitat to explore newer places on earth. In this age also, exploring new places and the craving to see the unseen and to know the unknown is man’s passion. India is a land of geographical diversity. India’s vast geographical expanse is gifted with nature’s all valuable riches. The reason why ancient traders and wanderers came and found this place as the place for settlement may be accounted for this very reason. India is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world. It is said that in India there exists unity in diversity. This refers to the cohabitation of a vast population of different caste, creed and culture, living in harmony. India’s geographical diversity is worth noted. Bounded by Himalayas in the North and surrounded by water bodies from three sides, India’s geography and geology is outstanding.

India is also ranked among the top three adventure tourism destinations.

The land of “Punjaba Sindhu Gujratha Maratha” is gifted with a mixture of hilly mountain ranges on the top, pure water bodies flowing by the sides and through its heart, greenery and also desert lands in the west. Adventure travel includes mountaineering, trekking, skiing, water sports, camping, safari, wildlife, eco tourism and many more. India’s strategic geographic location and its features give ample scope for adventure travel.

Mountaineering in India is as old as the historic times. The Garhwal and Kumaon regions of Uttaranchal, Chamba and Manali in Himachal Pradesh, Darjeeling and Sikkim in the north east and Ladakh mountain ranges in Jammu and Kashmir are dream destinations for trekkers. Skiing as a sport is another fun ingredient for travelers. The hilly ranges, snow capped mountains, deep valleys and glaciers have all the components to attract adventure tourists. For many, exploring the unexplored places is a delight. For those adventure travelers, India’s desert lands, hilly terrains and profound jungles provide an excellent scope for Safari.

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THE TAJ MAHAL: One Of The Most Beautiful Architectural Creation Of A Love Story

They set stone flowers in the marble. That by their color, if not their perfume, surpasses real flowers. —Abu Talib Kalim If a visit to India is a crown, missing the Taj is as good as missing the crown’s finest jewel!

The Taj Mahal is the culmination of architectural achievements of India under the Mughal rule. Arguably the finest piece of architecture in the medieval world, the Taj Mahal is a mausoleum built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan over the tomb of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. Starting from 1632 it took about 20 years to take shape, in the hands of 20,000 of the known world’s finest craftsmen.

The Mughal sovereign had several wives, but Mumtaz Mahal was his favorite and most beloved. His companion and confidant on royal matters, she died while giving birth to a daughter. The bereaved emperor wanted to commemorate their love in the form of a stone architecture that will have no parallel in the whole world. He summoned the best brains from far reaches of his expansive empire and beyond to create the incomparable marvel.

The Mughal period had seen the creation of brilliant architectural wonders, the Agra Fort, The Red Fort, The Fatehpur Sikri, to name just a few, but nothing compares to the sublime beauty of the Taj Mahal. Created out of the very best quality marble, the pristine white monument when seen against the backdrop of the moonlit sky seems like dream.

The Taj Mahal was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983 and named among the new Seven Wonders of the World. The masterpiece attracts close to 30 million visitors annually of which more than 200,000 tourists from abroad. One visit to the monument and the experience haunts you for the rest of your life.

The Taj Mahal is in the city of Agra located just 200 km from Delhi, the capital of India. Situated on the west bank of River Yamuna, Agra was once the flourishing capital of the Muslim rulers of India. If you are looking for a one point destination for tourism guidance and great deals for a visit to the Taj Mahal, click on T2India offers a classic blend of modernity with the famed Indian hospitality. We are partners with the most luxurious hotel chains in India; we offer tour packages, the most experienced guides and all this at an astonishing price.


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