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Almost all the time, it is our face that gets noticed first in each interaction with every blinking human being. As a first stop in my quest on keeping myself look younger, I made sure that I took good care of my face – from hair down to neck.

A. Keep Your Crowning Glory Aglow
Styling the hair will make huge difference on your look and consequently to your age. Below are some points I have considered, and now to pass on to you, on how I’vemade myself look younger through my crowning glory.

The Color
Some women look stunning on gray hair, but I personally prefer playing with colors. This is one of the steps I took – washing out my increasing gray hair and giving my crowning glory a lighter hair color. Say, Jane Fonda, Diana Keaton, Bette Midler, Barbara Streisand, Hillary Clinton and Barbara Walters. They look fabulous and most of all, younger in their light-colored hair don’t they?
But how will I know the right hair color for me and my skin tone?
That’s the same question that popped in my head. Thank goodness for technology. There are now available websites that allow women to upload their pictures and try out different hair colors. for one does this. Simply upload your latest picture and you can test a variety of shades for you. I did this and ended up with a glamorous hair that best complemented my complexion I also learned that it won’t hurt to play with shades. However, it is still very essential to consider one’s skin tone. The standard I believe is going with up or down two shades – and nothing more than that. Once I used five shades and it made me looked washed out since it didn’t match my skin tone. But to be clearer about this, here are some tips:

I would characterize skin tone as “warm” and “cool.” You’d know your color is warm if you have golden, olive or dark skin and brown or dark eyes. Most Latinas, Asians and African Americans are considered having “warm” skin.

If you are in this category, get golden shades like caramel and bronze in a darker shade than your skin. But never settle for black hair as this will wash you out. If you opt for a golden shade then make sure it isn’t too light because your hair might turn orange.

“Cool” colored women are those who have fair skin and blue or green eyes. And if you are in this category, avoid gold, auburn or copper . It will only highlight your skin rudiness. Ash blonde and cool browns work best.

I’ve observed however that there are some exceptions as some women can pull off a dark, black hair (errr …Demi Moore). If this is the case, then I suggest that you should keep it shiny and well-maintained by using conditioner to your hair. A long, black and shiny hair presents vitality and youthfulness.

The wisdom behind lightening hair is that dark hair is likely to give emphasis to the lines of the face by throwing darkness into it. Light colored hair brings a certain young-looking radiance because it tends to brighten face and light up the skin tone. As women also mature, the natural order of things make us lose pigment and pairing it with dark brown or dark black hair is an unlikely complement to our aging skin pigment. However, do make sure that the hair doesn’t become too light because this can make you look trashy. As I pointed out earlier, the most crucial aspect is having the hair color going harmoniously with your complexion. The next question is: how can we lighten our hair?

Sure. Salons are just there in every corner . But roots can grow immediately and going to the salon frequently (especially if you’re a busy woman) can become a hassle eventually. Hence, I’ve found out ways to lighten hair the natural way just to maintain its color . Aside from this, I spend nothing and I don’t have to expose my hair to chemicals most of the time. Just a disclaimer though, I first asked a professional to touch my hair and only resort to this natural process to maintain it and keep myself from going to the salon frequently. All I’m saying is, ask first a hair expert before you start lightening/altering your virgin hair.

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