Lose 10 Years: The Bangs

Bangs aren’t only trendy; it’s very helpful for mature women because it conceals forehead lines. It also comes in different varieties ranging from short to long, side-swept to full frontal-brunt; or you can also do it in between. But like the principle we established with the cut and the color, it is equally essential that the right cut of bangs is paired with the shape of the face. Below are some rules of the thumb in capturing the perfect match to the contour of your face.

• Diamond shaped faces need bangs that can disguise the face as oval shaped (which can wear any hair cut and bangs). Go for a brow hugging bangs that softly drape the forehead. You can enhance the illusion of oval shape look by styling your hair with long or graduated layers that caress sides of the face.

Hugging Bangs
• Heart shaped faces have lot of options. It can go perfectly with side swept feathered or texturized bang style. Women in this face shape can also opt for full bangs (long or short) cut straight across the face. There are two things to consider though in hacking the best bangs for this shape: do you want to minimize the wideness of the face or do you want to balance the prominent chin?
Side-swept or Texturized Bangs

• Oval shaped faces can go with any hair cut, so this kind of frame can pull off any style of bangs.

• Round shaped faces need bangs that minimize round cheeks. For this type, you should go for long softly layered or feathered bangs that hug the cheeks areas. I’m actually in this category so I’m now wearing feathered bangs – and my friends are loving it. Feathered Bangs Softly Layered Bangs

• Square/Rectangular shaped faces need bangs that can soften square facial contour. Side swept bangs can successfully do this because it gently curve or taper inwards towards the jaw. Generally, side swept bangs helps in softening the angles of the face.

• Triangular shaped faces also need bangs that can make an illusion of an oval face shape. To have this look, you will need wider bangs that are feathered, wispy or texturized. This style of bangs tend to cover wide forehead and gives a better proportion with a wide chin. A word of caution – bangs do not go well with chemically damaged hair. Bangs also do not work with hairs that are too oily. Hair type is another consideration – do you have curly hair or straight hair? Additionally, like hair color, wearing bangs translates to maintenance. You’ll need to use products, styling tools and keep them trimmed up. You should think about this before wearing some bangs because if not, then perhaps, bangs is not for you. (hold it though because the journey to looking younger does not end when you don’t have bangs) There maybe times (in fact a lot of times) that you don’t have time anymore to go to the salon and have that killer bangs. I for one represent this kind of populace and upon realization; I learned cutting my own bangs. It takes practice to do this but once you got the hang of it, you’ll simply nail it most of the time. Let me share how I do it. 1. Wash your hair together with the bangs. Be sure you use shampoo that you normally apply to your hair. If you use rinse-out conditioning products, be aware that it can make your bangs too slippery making it more difficult to trim.

2. Detangle bangs to remove knots. Defrizzing products will help if your hair is frizzy.

3. It is still a debate whether you should trim your bangs wet or dry. I prefer the latter.

4. The next step is to blow dry your bangs.Make sure it’s straight.

For curly or way hairs, you can utilize aiding tools like boar’s head paddle or natural round brush. It will straighten your bangs.
5. Separate your bangs and clip the rest of the hair . What I normally do is to keep the rest wet to keep it out of the way of the bangs area. It is actually up to you if you would blow dry all of your hair or keep the non-bangs portion wet. What’s important is it is away from the area you’ll trim.
6. Ensure that you are in front of a mirror with good lighting condition. Otherwise, you will not have a good view of what you’ll trim.
7. Gather your bangs and divide it into three equal sections. Clip the two ends away from themiddle part.
8. Grab the middle section of the bangs between the middle and the index finger of your dominant hand. This will form a smooth even line. Make it a point that you do not stretch your bangs or you will not be able to accurately gauge the length of the trim.
9. At 45 degree angle, hold your trimming scissor . This will prevent crooked slicing when chopping straight across. Start very slowly and move from right to left. Sniff off tiny pieces of the bangs. Once done, check the length. If still not the desired length repeat the same action but now starting from left. Until the length you want is achieved, continue moving the scissors back and forth.
10. Avoid lifting your eyebrows or crossing your legs while you trim because this may distort the length you want for your bangs. Always take your time. It’s better to trim too little than too much.
11. When the desired length is achieved in the middle section, unclip the right portion of the bangs. Cut the side section in the same manner as the middle section, using it as the point of reference. Do the same procedure to the left side bangs.
12. After all sections have been trimmed, study the bangs from edge to edge. Make any adjustments to each section, starting from the middle, if necessary.

I suggest that you do this in a peaceful and quiet place because concentration is very important when you snip your bangs. Remember to turn you cell phone off or lock the room where you’re trimming your bangs to avoid any interruption. Also do away from talking when you trim your bangs. Little portions of cut hair can fly to your mouth that can interrupt you as well.

If you’ll cut your hair inside the toilet, use a wastebasket or any container that can catch your hair . Hairs that go down the drain can pose household problems eventually. When snipping close to eyes, be very careful so that hair won’t fall or touch the eyes. If this happens, immediately rinse it with cool water . Finally, you can cover your shoulder with towel or old shirt to catch the hair. No matter how careful you are, little hairs can fly around and that is untidy. Invest in a good pair of scissors if you really plan to do this in a regular basis. Rusty or dull scissors can damage the ends of your bangs which can cause them to split, rip or tear . Also make sure that the scissors will fit your fingers well. Even if I’ve somehow already mastered trimming my bangs on my own, I would still make it a point to have it recalibrate once or twice a year by my professional hair dresser . I recommend this to you as well.

Discussing the aspects one should consider when it comes to our hair, then we can say you need not sport that most stylish or the trendiest hair cut in town. The keywords for your crowning glory are: skin tone and frame of the face. Just get it right and you’ll hack it. Add more love by putting some bangs and there – you’re golden.

Now that we’re done prepping up the hair, let’s go to another very important aspect of the face – the eyes

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