How To Lighten Dark Hair

Lemon juice is not the best solution for dark shade hair because it will leave nasty orange streaks. In this case, try henna powder instead available in health stores. Mix the henna powder with a light herb (like chamomile) and mix this with a boiling water to make a thick paste. As the solution cools down, apply it to your wet hair through comb.

Put a plastic bag over your hair, and let it sit between 30 minutes and 2 hours. The darker the hair the longer it should be dyed with henna. Remove the bag and rinse your hair . If you don’t want to wait for 2 hours, then you can opt to dry your hair under the sun. As a point of pre-caution though, henna can be a bit strong so you can try it to small section of your hair first to see how samples of how it might come about. What I use meanwhile for my brown hair is cinnamon. Damped your hair moderately and apply a small amount of conditioner to make the cinnamon stick. Mix a small amount of conditioner to the cinnamon to make a thick paste. Evenly apply it to the hair by using a brush. Make sure that the brush is wet and has nice teeth to get the cinnamon gliding smoothly to hair strands. You can also opt to rub the paste all over the hair .

After applying the cinnamon, gather the hair in a loose bun and hold it together with a pony tail. For best results, leave the mixture overnight (6-8 hours). Use a saran wrap to cover the hair. It is also advised to put a plastic bag all over the head for full protection. Rinse the hair the following day. For curly hair, use shampoo in rinsing. If you are entirely not confident about yourself getting these instructions perfectly done, then again, I recommend you go to hair experts in the salons. There will be more work to do if you didn’t get the hair shade you desire, and we don’t want any of those sorts to happen. Like in my own experience, I had a professional to handle my hair color at the beginning.

I would also like to point out that maintenance is entwined with colored hair . You have to recolor your hair in a particular number of months or even weeks (depending in your hair color) as roots will grow. Covering a grey hair for instance with a permanent color will have you having it re-colored every 6 weeks. My roots become evident after 1 month. It’s just a good thing that I’ve learned the trick of the cinnamon that I don’t have to go to the salon every time my roots start bugging me.

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