How To Lighten Blonde Hair

Since I want this book to be for everyone, let me share you some tips I gathered from my blonde friends on how they’ve lightened their hair color . For blonde women out there, lemon juice is the key word to lighten the hair . But make sure you dilute the lemon juice since the solution can also cause dry and brittle-end hair. To prepare the solution, mix one table spoon of lemon juice to a one gallon of water. Use this when rinsing the hair and do this everyday until it reaches the desired (and appropriate to skin tone) hair color. Some herbs, like the chamomile flowers do not only lighten the hair, it also uniformly adds color to our crowning glory.

To prepare this solution, steep half a cup of the flowers in one quart of boiling water.

After half an hour, strain the mixture and let it cool. Wash your hair, towel dry it and pour the chamomile solution over the hair. Catch the residue in a container and pour this over your hair again. Repeat this 10 to 20 times, depending on the degree of lightness that you want (remember the skin tone! Always!). When down to the last rinse, leave the mixture in the hair for a good 15 minutes, then wash and rinse the hair completely.

Finally, the sun can also be a tool in lightening your blonde hair . When at beach or at the pool, spending time under the sun while with wet hair can help lighten the hair. When you do this in a period of time, it will gradually lighten your hair. Be sure though to use the proper skin products to make sure you protect your skin in the process.

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