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Receiving links from other websites is not the just to attract visitors to visit your blog. This point, we are going to discover other methods to attract high superiority traffic with both free and paid methods.

The primary things you can do to generate traffic is recycle all the content you have written on your blog. What I actually mean is to revolve your blog posts into little “manuals” or articles that help community resolve their troubles or offer expensive information and present them to article directories. This article directories are like aggregates that bring together articles of like themes together in one place, so they collect thousands and thousands of qualified visitors every day.

While you submit your articles to these directories, you are revealing your name to the thousands of pairs of eyes visiting them for free!! On mainly article directories you are also acceptable to take in a “resource box’ where you can include your contact details, simple memoirs and so on. This is where you can truthfully control the traffic of the said article directories.

A few good article directories to get you started:


An additional outstanding way to increase traffic is to join internet forums that are based on your place. To locate these kind of forums, you just need to go to any search engine and enter your place and forum, without the quotes. You would want the mainly focused forum with considerable number of dynamic members, and preferably always bustling with activity. Just check the dates of the threads posted on the forum.

When you join dynamic forums that focus on your field of discussion and post very helpful and important posts, your peers will start noticing you and paying consideration to what you have to say. In most forums, you are also acceptable to append a link to your site in the signature line, which is under each post you make on the forums. Community will click and visit your posts useful and informative. This way, your credibility is built smooth before they land on your blog, so traffic from the forums would be easier to turn in to earnings if your blog is selling your own products or recommending others as an affiliate since they are already convinced you are an professional in the field.

The approach we will converse is word of mouth. Let us say you already have a daily visitor count of 100. What if you complied a small report of gift and posted it on your blog, saying that if a certain visitor can refer three of his/her friends to visit your blog the gift will be his/hers for free? If your little report of gift is profitable enough, it will produce a small buzz among your blog readers and they will surely refer their friend to this blog that they frequent.

You can also operate the “blog and ping” technique that everyone’s talking about. Fundamentally, when you update your blog, you can let blog portals such as know by pinging them. You can ping a lot of portals at once by using the free

Moreover the techniques described here, there are also paid methods like buying links from high-ranking pages or buying poster advertisement freedom. A think to keep in mind when buying paid traffic is to always weight your earnings generated from the paid ads. If your profits do no offset the expense, you will end up losing money, so decide intelligently.

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