Types of Zipper:
1. On the Basis of Material Types
2. On the Basis of Appearance Types
On the Basis of Material Types:

Nylon Zipper/Polyester Zipper/Coil Zipper.
Plastic Zipper/vislon Zipper/Delrin Zipper.
Metal Zipper.

On The Basis of Appearance Types:

Open End Zipper (Separated): Standard Type Used in Jackets. Separates into two Pieces when unzipped.

Close End Zipper (Close Bottom): Open at One End, Closed at Bottom, Used in Pant, Trouser, Jeans.

Two Way open End (Separated) Zipper: Used in Jacket.
Two Way head to Head close End Zipper/Two Sliders and Two Bottom Stoppers.
Two Way Back to Back Close End Zipper/Two Sliders and Two Top Stoppers Zipper

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