Direct Print, Resist Print, and Discharge Print:

There are three methods of pattern dyeing and printing: Direct, Resist, and Discharge Printing.

Direct Printing:
a design is etched into a copper roller. A dye that has been thickened into a past with starch, gelatin, or synthetic polymers is applied to the etched area while the UN-etched surface is kept clean.

The color design is transferred to the cloth under pressure. Direct printing may also involve forcing the past on to the fabric through a screen.

A technique similar to stencil printing except that screen controls how much past is applied to the cloth.

Resist Printing:
a reverse printing method, a dye repelling substance is selectively applied to the cloth, which is then placed in a dye bath. This method is used, for example, to produce white polka dots on a color background.

Discharge Printing:
the whole fabric is dyed. A pattern is then printed on the fabric with a chemical that oxidizes or reduces the dye, creating a white pattern on a colored background.

** Different Types Of Printings

* Allover Print
* Screen Print
* Reactive print
* Print with plastisol dye-stuffs
* Discharge Print
* Pigment Print
* Flock print
* Foil print
* Lurex print
* Embossed Print
* Heat transfer prin
* Hi-density print
* Dip-dye print

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