Sea Freight

Ocean or Sea fight is habitually charged based on volumes to how a lot per CBM (cubic meter), extremely rarely by weight as “density cargo” In detail ANERA (Asia North America eastbound rate agreement) has intended the firelight tariff more based on the common value of the top of merchandise, than the ordinary weight of them, captivating into consideration that for low cost merchandise they ought to give a low freight charge in order to create it probable for the importers to purchase goods overseas. Though, for high cost merchandise, they must charge a high freight rate, because it is believed that the buyer can give to pay additional on freight.

They contain designed the freight tariff in such a way that everyone can do business and there is enough profit for the shipping lines.

LCL: Loose container Loading
FCL: Full container loading

If we vessel very heavy goods as loose cargo as the size of the shipment is very small, the shipping lines will charge by weight otherwise by volume whichever is upper.

1 CBM (100 cm X 100 cm X 100 cm)= 100kg

20’ container-228”x 84”x 94”(L-W-H), can load 27 CBM

40’ container-474”x 84” x 94” (L-W-H), can load 54 CBM

40’ high cube container-474” x 84” x 106” (L-W-H), can load 68 CBM

45’ high cube container-45’ x 8.4’x 9.5’ (L-W-H), can load 76 CBM


Air Freight

Not like sea freight, the airlines contain decided to charge used for the important merchandise (elevated density goods) by weight plus lightweight merchandise (low down density goods) through volume. On the other hand, while airplanes are able to take less weight than ocean liners, the means they set the standard, in the garment manufacturing, when you ship merchandise by air, you contain a 70% possibility to be charged by weight, concerning 30% possibility by volume. The followings are the connection between weight and volume as set by IATA (International air transport association).

a. Preliminary most shipping location in the Far East to the U.S. destination and Canada 7000 cubic cm = 1 kilo.

b. Form secure locations in the Far East to the United State destinations and Canada 6000 cubic cm= 1 kilo.

Consequently when you have small density goods to ship by air, in order to conclude if you must try to make the carton as small as possible to keep freight. First you check with the local air forwarding agent by asking him in the country anywhere you are, how many cubic cm be considered 1 kilo in weight. The will inform you either 7000 or 6000. This is the respond you need. Then you actually check the weight and measurements of the merchandise packed for the air shipment.

Now we have the 3 answer since follows, for outline.

1. The nation is Bangladesh and the formula is 6000 cubic cm = 1 kilo
2. The measurements of the cartons be 50cm X 60cm X 40cm
3. The gross weight of the cartons is 16 kilo for each carton.

At the present let us locate out if we must try to make the cartons smaller to keep air freight by responsibility the following computation, Multiply 50 x 60 x 40 = 120000 cubic cm. 120000 cubic cm divided by 600=20 kilo currently you know, through volume the one carton is of 2 kilo, other than by real weight the carton is of only 16 kilo. You too know the airline will charge whichever is superior; in this case, they resolve charge you intended for 20 kilo, by volume. If the air freight charge is 2.80 per kilo this carton will price you $56.00 Now, in order to save some currency, let us attempt to make the carton smaller, typically by cutting the height of the carton, Let us say we have succeed in cutting down the height by 5 cm, and see how a good deal currency we can save.


Unique size of the carton: 50 x 60 x 40 cm (=20 kilo)

At the present cut behind to 50 x 60 x 35 cm= 105,000 cubic centimeter, 105,000 / 6000 = 17.5 kilo

Now by using the fresh carton, we contain save 2.5 kilo and this carton will cost only $ 49.00 (17.5 kilo X 2.80)

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