Should Learn To Differentiate And Assess All Types Of Embroideries:

Embroidery through application above application
* Basic embroidery through multi color
* Basic embroidery with one color
* Embroidery through lurex fiber
* Embroidery on print
* Embroidery through application
* Embroidery through sequin setting
* Embroidery through laser-cut design

Calculation Of Embroidery Charge Per Dozen

We identify embroidery stitch part is 12000 stitch but forever embroidery factory will not agree to one order on stitch if the whole management time is also long due to mixture of work with applique, patch, Wording et cetera, because such how a lot time is consumed to inspired to complete one lot will dictate the price.

12000 stitch = 1 part in embroidery
For calculating the cost of embroidery we require to recognize the following information

1) Stitch amount of the design. articulate, it is 8000

2) Charge of per unit. (Its can vary depends on the design, too advantage ability of factory). Say, it is $0.25/unit

3) At primary we will find out the part for each dozen.(stitch qty X 12 / 12000)

= (stitch amount X 12) / 12000 X charge per part
= 8000 X 12/12000 X $0.25
= 96000/12000 X $0.25
= 8 X $0.25
= $2.000/Dozen

Factors Affecting Cost Of Embroidery

Quantity of stitch

• nature of embroidery

• Time necessitate to complete one lot

• Shade of thread

• Cutting of appliqué (Dice otherwise Laser cutter)

• Lay of embroidery

• Source plus had involves in doing embroidery

• Any restraint on selection on embroidery engine

• Any compliance condition

• Any restraint on apply of embroidery thread


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