Concept Of Merchandising


Merchandising is the department which mediates promotion and manufacture department. It is the method, practices, and operations used to promote and sustain certain categories of commercial movement. Its includes directing and overseeing the development of product line from begin to close. Marketing and merchandising department. A team of merchandisers and marketers work collectively under a profit controls head. Merchandisers handle the foreign buyers. The teams are made according to the buyers being handled.


The individual who is related in merchandising is called merchandiser. The merchandiser coordinates with the design team to successfully in attendance the product or product line. He or she develops colors and qualifications, and performs market investigate to establish the most effective ways to sell and encourage the product.

This parson needs strong communication and negotiation skills and visual and analytical abilities. He or she also needs to be a creative and innovative thinker.

Responsibility of a Merchandiser

A Merchandisers key responsibility is as below:
• Product improvement
• Market and product examination
• Selling the perception
• Booking Orders
• Confirming Deliveries
• Designing and Sampling
• Costing
• Raw Monitoring
• Production follow-ups
• Payment follows
• International and outside communication,


• Lab dips
• Accessories and trim
• Preparing purchase orders
• Advise and assisting production,
• Advise quality department about quality level.
• Mediate production and quality departments.
• Give shipping instructions and following shipping,
• Serving documentation department.
• Taking responsibility for inspections and
• Follow up the shipment.

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