Chronologies Of Actions Of Merchandiser

• source of buyer (hosting webpage, prepare profile, visit buying house etc)

• Receive order sheet.

• Converse with planning department for availability of production space.

• Converse with Director/General Manager for capability of handling such order and probable productivity per hour.

• Investigate the fabrics content, knitting pattern, GSM and do fabrics costing.

• List out all accessories, do the utilization and costing.

• Investigate printing, embroidery, value addition work washing for costing.

• Investigate productivity per hour with machine and manpower prerequisite (may take help from production people).

• Assess cost of making per dozen.

• Confirm price from constituent power.

• Quote price to buyer.

• Discuss price with buyer.

• Confirm order with buyer.

• Prepare time and action calendar (with available production lead time)

• Organize Gantt chart (in support of T&A and incorporate all important issues and events with completion date)

• Receive size color breakdown and color standard.

• Organize lab dip, strike off, yarn dip etc and organize approval of the same.

• Receive art work and sample for printing, embroidery, value addition work, washing and get approval for the same.

• Develop all samples and submit the same to buyer for necessary approval.

• Obtain and ensure all approval as per T&A and Gantt chart to facilities production as per plan.

• Receive master Export letter of credit.

• Organize final cost approval sheet to facilitate opening of all back to back letter of credit.

• Open back to back letter of credit for yarn, accessories, printing, embroidery etc.

• Organize all fabrics and accessories and ensure in house of the same as per T&A.

• Source for printing, embroidery, value add work, washing and completer deed of agreement with them.

• Make sure inventory of all items on arrival to store to confirm the quantity, color, sizes and quality per requirement.

• Organize all as per production meeting and inspection on time.

• Organize all lab test on time.

• Make sure dispatch and approval of all samples which may affect the final inspection and shipment.

• Organize final inspection on schedule date.

• Do load calculation on ensure booking of all load carrying transport well in advance.

• Make sure space booking with sea and air freight forwarder.

• Assist commercial department to submit all documents to bank on time.

• Make sure realization of full payment as per shipped quantity and price.

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