Tapping Script For Addressing A Self-sabotaging Behavior

Some people find it difficult to name their emotions, remember their pasts, or identify their self-limiting beliefs. But what they can recognize are the self sabotaging behaviors they engage in whenever they near, or sometimes even attempt, to reach a goal.

If you are one of these people, you can still benefit from EFT by tapping on the exact behavior you wish to overcome. For some people, tapping on the behavior reduces the impulse to act. Others will find that in addition to reducing the impulse, tapping on the self-sabotaging behavior will actually help them to remember past events or identify the self-limiting beliefs that underlie the self sabotaging behavior. If you find this is true for you, remember to keep a record of everything that comes up so that you can tap on it at a later time.

Step I: Identify, in the form of an ―I‖ statement, the self-sabotaging behavior you would like to clear. For this example, we will use ―I can not get to class on time.

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